Here are a few ways I plan to/already am taking feminist action in my life:

  • Writing and speaking out against injustice (this is an action, too!) Wanna help? Email me if you’d like to join forces on my newly-developing feminist blog,! Let your voice be heard!
  • Forming an Anti-Anti-Abortion-Protester Protest Group (I will write a post on this – and might create a separate site, too – but the idea is to have a Pro-Choice protest team in place to shield women against the cruelty and harassment launched at them from protesters outside the abortion clinics. If it’s war they want, then war they’ll get!! Special training will be available for this potentially-hazardous activity as well. In addition to our men and women on the front lines, a S.W.A.T. (Sympathy Warmth And Tenderness) Team will also be present to distract and comfort women with cuddly bears and TLC when they arrive. Wanna join? Chapters are needed EVERYWHERE. Email me for details!
  • Promoting equal topless rights for men and women alike (if men and women are equal, why can’t we take off our shirts on a hot day?) and organizing marches and demonstrations along that vein. Topless Rights! Interested in helping? Email me for details!
  • Joining protest marches for women’s rights whenever I get the opportunity 🙂
  • Writing letters to people in power, including companies, the media, and our elected officials. (Our foremothers got a hell of a lot done via letter-writing!) You can, too! It helps to keep the major feminist magazines, blogs and news sources on your Twitter list so you can keep track of what might need your signature!
  • Educating myself on the facts and analyzing my personal motives regularly so that I know what I’m talking about 100% when someone asks a question or tries to argue with me about how I feel. Do all the research you possibly can on any topic you feel passionate about. Make sure you know ALL of the reasons why you feel the way you do. That way, you’re never stuck with an answer like, “Well, it just doesn’t seem very good!” (or worse.)
  • Getting comfortable with my makeup-less face and my bra-less figure and paying attention to all of the beautiful things about myself, including non-physical attributes. You can do this, too… but with yourself in your mirror. Smile and tell yourself you’re gorgeous!

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