Kobe Uses The F-Word (And I Don’t Mean “Fuck”)

Nothing pisses me off more than the use of the word “gay” or “fag” as an insult. “That movie is so gay,” is supposed to automatically indicate that it sucked (not that it had boy-on-boy/girl-on-girl action) or “You’re such a fag,” is supposed to indicate that said fag (as a male) is feminine (femininity being innately bad, of course) or stupid. Being that those of us who aren’t born white, heterosexual and male simultaneously are summarily dismissed due to our “minority status” at one point or another in life, it always grinds my gears when members of a heavily-oppressed minority bash another heavily-oppressed minority group. Like when a black guy uses the word “faggot.”

Unfortunately, this particular black guy, a famed celebrity, has lead a privileged life since his youth that may not have lent itself to much empathy. But he’s not alone. Individuals of all races and economic statuses gleefully take part in homophobic mud-slinging. Why? Because, for some reason, it’s still okay to say “faggot.” The N-word went out with the “politically correct” era of the 80’s and 90’s and it’s a pretty big deal when a high-profile personality uses it nowadays. But, in reality, it hasn’t been that long since it’s been dropped from the acceptable lexicon and – even today – in some shit-brained, ethnocentric circles, it’s perfectly tolerable (if not encouraged.) There’s always the lunatic fringe to contend with. And, of course, there are all of those in the middle who don’t use the word out loud, but mean it.

So here we are again, this time with the word “faggot” – or, as Kobe Bryant prefers to use the term, “fucking faggot.” We’re back at square one, and the word can be spat in any circumstance against anyone of any color or sexual persuasion. Straight or gay, you can be called a “faggot.” Black or white, you can be called a “faggot.” Anywhere but on public television, you can pretty much get away with using this heinous slur, but fortunately Kobe Bryant was dumb enough to get caught, and justice was (sort of) served. He was fined $100,000 and then he gave this apology:

“What I said (Tuesday) night should not be taken literally. My actions were out of frustration during the heat of the game, period. The words expressed do NOT reflect my feelings towards the gay and lesbian communities and were NOT meant to offend anyone.”

Riiiight. Kind of like when I accidentally call my brother a nigger because he’s beating me in a video game. Wait a second… that has never happened in my life. Why? Because I have respect for people of all races and would never use that word in my daily speech or at any time in my life (except to impactfully illustrate its caustic, abhorrent nature.) I don’t toss the N-word around at anyone because I respect black people. I don’t toss the word faggot around because I respect gay people. I don’t use the word “gay” as an insult, because it isn’t one, and it’s despicable to infer that it is.

However, allow me to make this perfectly clear: I am not equating the African-American experience with the GLBT experience. They are completely separate and different experiences and identities entirely with completely separate and different dynamics involved. BUT… is it too much to ask that us minorities band together against the establishment’s systemic, straight-white-male supremacy that prevails in our society?

Kobe. Mr. Bryant, sir. I know you attended Lower Merion High with all of the other well-to-dos and high-profilers. I realize that you’ve been living your celeb-tastic life as though you’re invincible, and the fine they made you pay was more like a trip through the McDonald’s drive-thru… but please examine your conscience and don’t blow this off as another scandal you shrugged off or another penalty you avoided. You’re a star and people – even grownups – look to you for validation and inspiration. You’re talented. You’re loved. So please… I’m begging you… STOP FUCKING IT UP.

About GoddessBlue

I'm a pansexual socialist feminist and part-time Theist; I'm a tutor and freelance blogger/writer and mess around with fiction in my spare time. I also like to whore around and I have a tendency to spank people.

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  1. I agreee wholeheartedly.Using politically correct language shouldn’t be seen as a means of cloaking the social issues but rather as a step toward respecting our social differences. The word RETARD really gets to me. It was considered PC at one time but is now being used to refer to someone/something is stupid or incompetent. Thanks for posting this chief. MEGYN

    • Retard, literally means slow, and retarded means slowed where is the offense in that? There are still many organizations who use the word in their name and they are long standing, helpful, useful organizations that serve the challenged community. Understanding that whether it depicts the movements, the speech or the brain function of these people, there is truth and validity in the word and it usage. So what is your concern.

      • It is very wrong when used as an insult. THAT is a concern.

      • Insults? It is insulting to me that others think that the word Retarded is not correct to use. My sister whom I care for is retarded. By definition, by diagnosis and it is her reality. She has been retarded since she was born and she objects to being called anything else. So what is insulting to who. And by the way who is to judge what is insulting and what is not. The word nigger is insulting to me, but not to many others whom I know. It is not for anyone person to decide and we as people change. Slave to Negro to Black to African American. Who makes the rules?

      • When you say, “You’re a fucking retard,” to someone, you’re demeaning people who suffer from mental retardation. Do you not see that?

      • Do you know one Retarded Person? Do you have any in your family? Have you ever asked one how they would like to be called. What arrogance?

        How do you know anything about the subject you speak on? How do you get to speak for the Challenged, who have you spoken to?

        When did you last hear a non Challenged person call a Challenged person a fucking retard?

        What you are saying makes a much sense as you, as a White woman, trying to tell me a Black man, how people of color want to be called.

      • It’s not exactly rocket science to conclude that slurs intended to insult and injure are unnecessary and harmful.

      • You’re being deliberately dense. You know perfectly well what the word means.

      • PS, you don’t get an opinion on retarded, you don’t have a developmental disability. Kindly fuck off.


    • You are a fool Flint. Look up the definition you dick breath! I now I am not retard but it appears your parents are.

  2. “the second you let a word have power over you, you show your mental weakness” by unknown

    • That’s real pretty, but words are powerful and words can cut deeply. I don’t think that someone who is hurt by words is mentally weak at all. I think they’re human.

      • There is a place for that line of reasoning but not on arena of competition. You will never win. World class athletes hear the words but use them to channel an energy to further destroy, yes destroy the competitor. Something I always heard was if you cannot stand the heat, get out to the kitchen. In the heat of competition, a lot of things are said and done and if they take you off your game you loose, in more ways than one.

  3. How about humans just observing the right of other human beings. We all call names, we do it for reasons. The reason is usually to hurt. It is not unlike a human to hurt another human today, millions of years ago or in the future. It is what we do. Whether it is a war, a bar fight or an argument, we resort to some form of physical or verbal abuse even death or murder. That is why we have weapons. In a peaceful non confrontational society why would we need weapons. If the goal here is to show respect to all people then why stop with one group. It just seems dishonest and insincere. There is a lesson here maybe a few, but it should not be limited to the Gay/Lesbian alliance, it was not a gay moment. If what he did was wrong it was wrong because it violated a human code. How about teaching how humans should begin to treat other humans humanely, all humans. That would be the lesson I would want my child to take from this, not how gay people were bashed. People get bashed everyday, to leave anyone out for any reason is a further violation of the human code. Kobe is not alone, so why beat him up,Imus is back on the air after the things he said about the woman of the Rutgers Basketball team and you are bashing Kobe over this?

    • What Kobe did was wrong and what Imus did was wrong. I am angry with people who use centric, bigoted language, period.

    • Look the gay agenda is not the same as the civil rights movement!! The color of ones skin is NEVER to be changed, it is recognized as soon as the person shows up. No one knows if you are gay or lesbian unless you tell and then again if you choose not to participate in gay or lesbian behavior who would know about your past unless you told them?

      Seems to me that the flare up over Kobe is out of line. I am not saying what he said was right but it was not that big a deal. It was not directed at a group, but at a person who was not even gay, nor did the referee who was the object of the insult have much to say. So why the big uproar from the Gay and Lesbian community? Did you write an article over the Imus issue? Further, the way a segment of the population addresses the President, who happens to be a Black man, is a bigger issue with me than what Kobe said. I guess you did not see the latest showing he and Michelle as monkeys. White America seems to want to pick and choose what is wrong and what is not wrong. I am sorry that I do not feel that the gay and lesbian community should get more attention than any other special interest groups.

      • Being that your comments are utterly centric, there’s no need to reply to this.

      • You asked for comments from ALL people now YOU are discriminating. I do not have to agree with you. This is what happens when you open it up to ALL. There is undoubtedly ALWAYS the other side. If you do not want an open forum close it, (SEGREGATION) but do not censor me.

      • I don’t plan to censor you and haven’t even hinted at the possibility of doing so. I *do* want an open forum, and that’s what I have. Pointing out that your comments are centric and allowing them to speak for themselves is the opposite of censorship.


  4. One more thought, depends on where you live as to whether you see Kobe as fucking it up or not. Hell Micheal Jordan has even been in trouble, Barry Bonds the home run King, convicted, Joe Louis taxes, Jack Johnson women, this is what happens and in some communities it is seen as the way things go in America. He is still loved for his game, most never ever see him except while playing and that is enough to endear him for life. There are without a doubt distinctively separate and different views on the Athlete in the communities of the dominant culture and the subcultures as are with most other things. This is another reminder.

  5. I am not centric any more……………how you like me now?????

  6. Great points made Hussain, until you let every one get in your head. Goddessblue is poking and prodding you right into her line of thought

    “Best let someone think of you as a fool rather than open your mouth and remove all doubt” by unknown

  7. Hussain, ill start with you being totally ignorant. you DO NOT have a MENTALLY CHALLENGED sister, if you did you would know that they are very offended when people call them retarded. I wish you actually did have a challenged sister so that you could see her cry when someone uses those words with her. DON’T reply to this because you are out of your element. Instead comment on a sexist publication. I think that would fit your ideas well.

    • @Tatertots? What the fuck kind of name is that? Why not DEVO? That seems befitting. Did you do any background before you contested me or is just some shit that came from your brain, like a brain fart. Now I know I am dealing with cartoon mind. To you I say, Fuck you fool. I know my family. Do you know yours trick baby? Look up trick and trick baby. Telling me where and when to comment, who put your punk ass in charge?

      Who the fuck are you to tell me who is and is not in my family you moron. Look it up fool. My sister has attended Noble Schools for Retarded Children. It is a part of the
      on a State Level it is INDIANA A.R.C….they are all over the country, Great one in San Diego by the way.
      Do a web search you ill informed asinine buffoon. Retarded is only objectionable to the dumb asses like you who have no connection to that particular community. I have been active in this community for almost over two decades. No wonder things are so fucked up. You dumb ass kids think you are smart. Got more access to info than I ever had at the snap of a finger and you dumb asses spend all your time on face book and playing games. No wonder you think retarded is objectionable. Hell what you are telling me is the equivalent of a white boy telling a brother that black people do not want to be called black. How the fuck do you know?

      Do any of you people attend classes. It is a small world but only at Disney Land. There is a lot to know in this world and just cause your nuts dropped or you started your period does not mean you are knowledgeable or informed.

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