The Insanity.

oh please… liberal feminazis are to BLAME for this poor woman’s fate. she clearly believed in that crap and got indoctrinated that there are no consequences or reactions for her actions. so she kept going into lions’ dens and essentially taunted them. security is not about YOU, its about how others may feel about you. even in the west, walking around as she was in certain areas is not a great way to protect yourself. being that brazen in that culture at that time was hyper-RISKY!

— A comment on MofoPolitics by on Reporter Lara Logan’s rape in Egypt. (MofoPolitics is a conservative site with the tagline, “Your daily dose of hoping Obama fails.”) on February 17, 2011 at 4:33 am


About GoddessBlue

I'm a pansexual socialist feminist and part-time Theist; I'm a tutor and freelance blogger/writer and mess around with fiction in my spare time. I also like to whore around and I have a tendency to spank people.

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